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Logistics Services
We offer a wide range of supply chain consulting, logistics services management, freight cost reduction services.As a non-asset based lead logistics services provider ...
CYMA is a service organization and recognized industry leader in the distribution and sales of automotive replacement parts and supplies and is the key to success...
Triangular shipping
With the globalization of business, many of our China related customers are experiencing increasing need for “3rd- country shipping",CYMA's overseas network enables ...
Heavy Lift Cargo Transportation
To accommodate the individual needs of its clients,CYMA has launched a special division that offers custom-made solutions for (offshore) coil and steel projects ...
Air Cargo Special Door to Door SVC
Fast, dedicated and time critical demands are provided by our express delivery service. By road, airfreight or air charter your goods could not be in safer hands.
Korea China Service
Our company provides China-Korea Consolidation service transporting theindividual line by sea. Sailing every monday, wendsday, friaday from Qingdao,Yantai.

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