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Triangular Shipping
Triangular Shipping
With the globalization of business, many of our China related customers are experiencing increasing need for “3rd- country shipping", CYMA's overseas network enables smooth operation in the respective local countries, and continuous updates of shipping status, so that our customers can run 3rd-country shipping operations by "remote control" from inside or outside China.
Transporting raw final products from Asia to Europe and U.S.A
Transporting raw materials.
Re - stuffing or multi - consolldation per order # style # or store asper buying officer's order or as per buyer's request.
Issuing switch B/L sucject to origin port. visa and informing customers of local materials for them.
Continuously, contacting factory side in order to chech cargo status and to meet shipping schedule.
Loading information advice (shipping advice ) to buying officer.
Main Porst / Cities, China
Jackarta, Indonesia
Hochiminh, Vietnam
Chittagong, Bangladesh
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